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User eXperience Director
Enterprise UX Consultant

UX and the Future of Business

Let me tell you about the importance and value of UX... User eXperience is a driving innovation leader for enterprise caliber companies looking to improve their products and services. Features can be added, functions optimized, and stability increased — so how do you grow adoption and increase retention of your customers when the results are negligible? Many successful companies have realized the benefits of UX to address these issues and improve the customer experience.

UX is the great innovator in meeting and exceeding customer expectations by employing UX processess to understand customers, their workflows, and how that correlates to your products & services. Utilizing the multiple methods of user testing, data research, and interface design we can deliver solutions that are intuitive, engaging, and immediately valuable. In this way, we can design for an experience that shows we understand them and their tasks at hand.

Implementations based on User-Centered & Design Thinking makes the difference for users "having" to use your products & services, and "wanting" to use them. We are in the business of mining for joy/delight in these digital interactions with your customers. This is why I'm a UX Evangelist: I find great satisfaction in creating positive digital experiences that make users feel understood. And that feeling of being understood serves to drive usage, grow adoption, and build brand equity.

– Adam B. Fields

Professional experience in directing Enterprise UX for SaaS Applications, Project/Distributed Team Management, and Product/Service Development. I am an experienced UX Evangelist that can bring the benefits of Design Thinking, Collaboration, and User Advocacy into your organization.

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User Testing
While often underrated, User Testing is fundamental to the UX process (Data Collection/Analysis, Personas, Ideation, Scenarios, & Prototype Testing... repeat). Regardless of it being functional, if the user can’t easily use it – it’s broken.

Integral to design, Research plays a crucial role in the development & design of an effective interactive experience. You can’t expect to hit the mark, if you don’t know where to aim your efforts.

Beyond being aesthetically pleasing, a branded User–Centered–Design allows your customers to have intuitive, engaging, and informative experiences with your brand. Design is much more than just how it looks!

– Adam B. Fields